The greatest scene in cinema history

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Movie Characters Taking Selfies in Classic Movie Scenes [video]

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Some things will never change…

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Forwards or backwards? 


I love how tiny everything becomes at this point, how internal. A zillion watts of deduction energy, seconds ago directed outward, suddenly turned inward. Classically, interiority is nearly impossible on screen, but it’s this whole sequence goes right into Sherlock’s head in such a beautifully visceral and visual way. Fear, confusion, pain, love, the agony of giving up, and fighting back. I always thought pure text could go deeper and be clearer on those subjects, but I was wrong.

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This is the moment when Kurse walks up to his cell and just from looking at him for two seconds, instinctually knows he’s too dangerous to let out. 





I love how unafraid Loki is. Or rather, how courageous he is.  How resourceful, how poised to use any eventuality to his advantage.  If anyone ever says he’s a coward, they haven’t seen this movie. 

I just really love how Kurse was just basically LOL I AINT TOUCHIN THAT WITH A TEN FOOT POLE

I love this scene. I love that the two of them basically circle each other like predators AND KURSE BLINKS FIRST. He’s the one who backs away. Even other predators know who’s king here. Look at that little smile in the first gif. He’s not the slightest bit intimidated. He’s faced the worst the universe has to offer. Let unstoppable darkness get back to him when its got a resume. It’s Loki’s version of the same smile Thor gets when he’s about to lay something to waste. It’s the smile of a man who’s not really taking your threat seriously. Let it never be said that Loki’s not a bad ass. He is. Of the first order. And in addition to that he’s dangerous in a way Thor never will be.

Guys. Loki is so dangerous that it took an entire team of SIX FREAKING SUPER HEROES to bring him down. And even then, the Hulk was the only thing that could get the job done somewhat decently. But even after the Hulk had smashed him around like a rag doll, Loki wasn’t even that badly off. He had a few scratches here and there, but to be honest he looked worse at the beginning of Avengers when he’d just come through the Tesseract. He was up and walking a few minutes right after his altercation with the Hulk, and if he’d had a few minutes more to heal, you bet your ass that Loki would’ve gotten up and returned to his rampaging. He is not someone to mess with.

Loki is the absolute deadliest kind of threat because you don’t know what to expect from him. He’s the freaking God of Mischief and Lies. His innate skill is knowing how to attack you in the way you least expect or even know how to defend yourself from. And not only does he have the brains, but as evidenced by his numerous fights with Thor whom he holds his own pretty well against—he batters Thor around quite a bit in the first movie, and it takes Thor placing Mjolnir on Loki’s chest to end the fight—Loki has the brawn too. Sure, he’s not built like Thor or Captain America, and he doesn’t have the robotic strength of Iron Man, but he is a trained fighter. He’s a goddamned prince of Asgard, of course he’s trained for battle. So put together his crazy and ridiculously cunning intellect with lethal fighting ability AND HIS FUCKING MAGIC, and you have some scary shit. 

The monster parent’s tell their children about, indeed.

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(Kate Middleton Is as Giddy as You’d Be If You Met Idris Elba)

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the best part of jimmy neutron

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