You look fantastic. What are you wearing?

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"People go on about those long scenes, but it’s not doing something for a trick or gimmick – it’s about doing what’s necessary. Why cut? If you have a close-up and what you’re getting is incredible, stay with it, look at it. It’s about what actually works. The fact is, it’s exciting. There’s film time, and there’s real time. These happened in real time and that’s exciting. You’re putting an audience in a situation that feels like reality." - Steve McQueen

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Dresses are so nice they’re just tubes of fabric you can throw on with very little effort and when you wear one and people are like “oh wow you dressed up you look really nice” but it’s like

ah yes my disguise is working. you think i cared this morning 

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young avengers legacies & their namesakes/predecessors

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   and to you
if you have
       with harry
             until the

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wearing these during sex

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Question: Mystique was brought up almost to the level of Magneto and Professor X, she’s the third person on that mutant movement. What’s the benefit of putting her on the same level and making you guys a trio, instead of making the usual “one against the other”?

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